Data Analyst - Asia Venture Group
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Data Analyst


Based in: Jakarta, Indonesia


What You’ll Be Doing

    • Building data models for long term projects
    • Assist building of integration/access layer data marts
    • Analytical Tableau reporting and presentation of findings to drive actionable changes across all departments
    • Identifying trends and pain points in customer behavior
    • Provide ad hoc support and recommendations to product managers


Who We Are Looking For

    • Bachelor’s degree with a quantitative background
    • 1-2 years of experience in data processing.
    • Able to write advanced SQL/NoSQL using various functions, CTEs, and programmed functions with proper index efficiencies and subqueries
    • Independently optimize and rewrite legacy SQL code
    • Independently export data and derive excel-based charts for management
    • Jedi Master in Python/R code for analysis and data reporting
    • Basic automation using ETL tools, JIRA, BitBucket repos or similar
    • Familiar with statistical modeling techniques and clustering algorithms


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