Tim Marbach - Asia Venture Group
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Tim Marbach, CEO and Founder

Tim is a global entrepreneur and venture investor. He started his first company bonial.com in 2008 and sold it to German media conglomerate Axel Springer SE in 2011.


In 2013, Tim relocated to South East Asia and has since co-founded and invested in many successful consumer internet companies through his private internet holding company Asia Venture Group.


Those companies have successfully raised several hundred million USD in follow-on venture capital and employ several thousand employees across the globe. They include HappyFresh, iPrice Group, iMoney (sold to iSelect), FlowerChimp, audibene (sold to Sivantos/EQT), Scalable Capital (sold to BlackRock), Jewelcandle (sold to Equistone), Vicampo (sold to Burda), CARS24, Movinga, Homebell, Fave, Stoyo and many more.


Tim is a graduate of WHU in Germany.

Tim Marbach, CEO and Founder


Tim is a German serial entrepreneur and worldwide seed venture investor. He started his first company kaufDA (aka Bonial.com) in 2008 after graduation from WHU in Germany, and turning down an offer to join reputable investment bank Goldman Sachs. kaufDA received venture funding from e.venture Capital Partners and T Ventures in 2009, and was named German Startup of the Year 2009 by gruenderszene.de (the “German Techcrunch”) . When Tim was 24, German media conglomerate Axel Springer acquired the majority stake of kaufDA in a reported transaction size of 40m USD. Today, kaufDA is one of the largest mobile advertising solutions providers for retail companies with offices across Europe, North and South America.


Inspired by the huge digital market potential of a fast growing region, Tim moved to South East Asia in 2013, where he founded Asia Venture Group. Since 2013, Tim and his partners and team members in Asia Venture Group have co-founded four successful startup companies in South East Asia: HappyFresh, iprice group, TrustedCompany.com and iMoney Group. Tim is a board member in all four companies and is holding or has held executive positions within these companies.

Since 2011, Tim has been successfully investing in fast growing companies such as Movinga, Scalable Capital, Lesara, Homebell, Kfit and many more, and continues to be excited about supporting hungry entrepreneurs with big audacious ideas.